Winner of the webinos cross-screen challenge!

As announced at the Mobile Monday Athens event last Monday, I won at the webinos cross-screen app challenge. The app I submitted is based on my research work that I partly conducted in Japan this summer. Basically, it is an app that enables to stretch an image over multiple tablets. Winning this challenge is a great success as it proves that the results of Japan can also be used in a different context than what we intended.

My App being presented at Mobile Monday Athens (copyright @gevou)

Webinos is an EU funded project aiming to develop a platform for various device types (smartphone, tablet, TVs and even connected-car-scenarios). Technically, it consists of a local node.js server where HTML5 clients can connect to using websockets. The node.js provides various services like location or access to the local file system. Besides, all local servers may connect to a global server to provide further services like messaging or a publish/subscribe system.

The prize includes a Sony Xperia S Android phone (great after two years of using Samsung Wave phones…), an Android watch (!) and an Android HDMI stick. I’m super keen on using them! Probably I will set up a „gadgets“ page with some photos of the watch. :)