Talk Announcement: XMPP – The Potential Heartbeat of Global-Scale Pervasive Computing

Tomorrow my colleagues from Technische Universität Dresden will give a talk at our faculty:

Abstract: The original vision of Pervasive Computing as an experience „refreshing as a walk in the woods“ has been quite over-stressed in the last years. Nowadays we already live in a world of personal device zoos (notebooks, pads, phones and even smart watches), immersive social interaction and more and more addressable things connected to this overall experience. But while each of the demoed use cases looks impressive by itself, there is yet no means of global-scale communication and coordination to connect these isolated islands comparable to HTTP in connection with HTML and other standards for the Web. We explain how the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol XMPP is about to fill this gap and what is still missing. After a crash course in relevant XMPP basics we show current research and standardization work in XMPP for pervasive computing, social computing and the Internet of Things. We furthermore present research work within the Mobilis project at TU Dresden which adds session mobility and service-oriented XMPP development to these building blocks.

Details can be found here. I am very much looking forward to it! Hopefully we will have a great discussion afterwards.

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