Writing on a Screen… Reviewing the Galaxy Note II

Thanks to Samsung Germany and Mobile Business I got a late christmas present last year, to be honest a present only for three weeks: A Samsung Galaxy Note II for review.

I spare you the unboxing video…anyways, surprisingly my first impression was NOT „omg what a big phone“. Instead, I have to say that though I do not own a Galaxy S III personally, it somehow it made me accustomed to such screen sizes. However I can clearly see the difference in screen density compared to my Sony Xperia S (worse on the Note). The Note is incredibly fast, no wonder as it is powered by a QuadCore processor.

My first impression of the UI: Cluttered! It is full of information, then you scroll through the home screens and you get to see ads for movies on Samsung’s Video Hub and especially confusing ads for apps in real app-icon size that have not yet been downloaded from Samsung Apps. As soon as you detach the „S pen“, another set of interfaces is presented to you that seems to be a second set of home screens with icons to pen enabled apps. Again, pretty confusing! Finally, to conclude the enumeration of confusing stuff, I am still mixing up the back and menu buttons as on the Note, the back button is right while on my Sony, the back button is left (which though being absolutely reasonable is against the convention I heard).

But as soon as you overcame these obstacles you’ll love to use the pen…but stay tuned for part II of the review! :)

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