Time Tracker

Keep track on how much time you spend working, shopping or doing whatever you want! This app has a simple and good-looking interface to record time spans – just tap the activity to start recording. If you want to change the record afterwards just longpress the entry. It’s as simple as that!



Click the SamsungApps icon to be redirected to the app store for downloading the app.

  • Wave525 (S5250)
  • Wave533 (S5330)
  • Wave578 (S5780)
  • Wave723 (S7230E)

  • Wave M (S7250)
  • Wave Y (S5380)
Not available.
  • Wave (S8500)
  • Wave II (S8530)
  • Wave 3 (S8600)


Frequently Asked Questions

Time Tracker

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Will you make the app free?

Probably I won’t. If you got a good reason for why you want to get it for free please drop me a mail. Good reasons include: you’re an app blogger, you’re a real-life friend of mine, you’re also giving me coupons for your apps.

Why isn’t the app available with Carrier Billing?

If you choose to pay the app via Carrier Billing, you’re basically financing your network operator. On average, I get only around 10-20% of the Carrier Billing sales. Please remember this when you purchase your next app, the seller will be happy if you choose Credit Card payment. :)


Issue Tracker

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