The Clock

Fully customizable clock widget. If you like other clock widgets, you will LOVE this one!
More options than any other clock widget on the market.

– exclusive LIVE PREVIEW
– change the background, the font, the time and MANY MORE SETTINGS
– no color presets, choose the color that best matches with your theme!
– great look and feel
– no bloating libraries, no jQuery, just pure, smooth and fast JavaScript!
– built on top of modern HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

Optimized clock engine, on average more accurate than any other widget – feel free to compare!

Ever wondered why other clock widgets need your internet connection? This one does not! No Internet connection required means no closing on memory shortup!



Click the SamsungApps icon to be redirected to the app store for downloading the app.

  • Wave525 (S5250)
  • Wave533 (S5330)
  • Wave578 (S5780)
  • Wave723 (S7230E)
Not available.
  • Wave M (S7250)
  • Wave Y (S5380)
Not available.
  • Wave (S8500)
  • Wave II (S8530)
  • Wave 3 (S8600)


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The Clock


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