Mensa Dresden

With this app it gets really fast to check the current menu of the cafeterias of the universities in Dresden/Germany. It is simply parsing the RSS feed and displaying it in a list.
Please refrain from asking me to also offer the meals of your local cafeteria – the good thing: you can do it yourself, this app is Open Source! Get the code at:



Click the SamsungApps icon to be redirected to the app store for downloading the app.

  • Wave525 (S5250)
  • Wave533 (S5330)
  • Wave578 (S5780)
  • Wave723 (S7230E)
Not available.
  • Wave M (S7250)
  • Wave Y (S5380)
Not available.
  • Wave (S8500)
  • Wave II (S8530)
  • Wave 3 (S8600)


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Mensa Dresden


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